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Meghna Corporation offers a unique specialization in the manufacturing of a variety of custom specified brass products in Jamnagar (India). Our machined components are produced exclusively from brass, ranging from 1.5 mm to 50 mm thick section.

Decade of experience in the manufacturing of brass components we have been catering to some of the largest corporations to the small companies with a new product to develop.

We offer a comprehensive array of machining capabilities and ancilliary process to ensure your jobs always conform to specification.

Our wide range of capabilities allow for economical, high quality production of brass components in any volume. Whether your order os large or small, Meghna Corporation always provide the personalized attention to your business deserves.

Meghna Corporation has number of multi slides automates, Drilling machines, Threading machine and special purpose machines to manufactured quality brass components. We also design automates machine to enable us to meet production in most economical way.